Buying Social for Community Gain

changeXchange connects everyday people with social enterprises: businesses who trade to achieve a social or environmental purpose and who return a majority of their profit back into the community by investing in social initiatives or supporting charitable causes.

Our purpose is to promote these organisations, helping them gain customers, employ locally and reinvest the profit made back into the community. We also want more people to buy socially, supporting everyday issues in the community.

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Buy Social

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List your Social Enterprise

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Why buy from a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprises are committed to being socially responsible, above and beyond other social responsibility programs ran by for-profit organisations. All organisations listed on changeXchange have a commitment to return a majority of profits back into community causes and projects, or charitable organisations.

No profits are ever paid to shareholders or owners.

So what do we want from you? We want you to spread the word of the organisations listed here with your friends and family, and we want to help get you to buy social. With each purchase, you are putting money back into the community and back to a cause. The organisations on changeXchange all support something different, from providing resources and support to victims of domestic abuse, supporting the homeless, undertaking environmental projects, employing marginalised people or donating profits to charitable purposes.