What is changeXchange?


changeXchange is a website built for the promotion of social enterprises around New Zealand, highlighting the services they offer. We want to see not only the organisations succeed, but also the communities they give back to and the gains made because of them. Our purpose is to create a community around the growing number of social enterprises in New Zealand. We want everyday people to go and support these organisations, who in return will support others in their communities and achieving social, environmental, cultural and local economic development gains. It’s about creating benefit for everyone involved.

All social enterprises listed on changeXchange demonstrate the characteristics as stated under “What Is a Social Enterprise”, and each application is individually reviewed. This is so everyone knows the organisation they buy from is providing a social good and service.

This website is owned and operated by the New Zealand Community Economic Development Trust.

What is a Social Enterprise?

changeXchange defines a social enterprise as an organisation that provides a good or service to people. Just like your typical business. The difference is its primary objective is to achieve social and/or environmental benefits.  The profit gained is then reinvested into contributing to a social, environmental, cultural or local economic development cause. These causes can be different, but include things such as providing food for the homeless, donating a majority of profits toward a charitable purpose or anything that generates a social gain.

changeXchange considers the following as characteristics of a social enterprise:

·         A clear social, environmental or local economic development mission stated in its governing documents.

·         Generates a significant proportion of its income from trading

·         Invests most of the profits either back into the business or to a charitable purpose.  It does not distribute its profit to private owners, shareholders, investors

          or individuals.

·         Assets are legally protected and permanently retained in trust for the benefit of the community. shareholders

·         Independent of government

·         Accountable to a defined group of interested parties and to the wider community.

If you want to join the changeXchange community, you’ll need to demonstrate that you meet the above criteria. Each application is reviewed based on the above by those experienced in the management, creation and governance of Social Enterprises nationally.